Whale Sharks & Island Tour

La Paz is a unique destination, the only place in the world where it's possible to swim with whale sharks and California sea lions in the same day.

Swim with Whale Sharks & California sea lions

Join us for a day of adventure in La Paz. La Paz is your gateway to experience one of the most exciting activities in Mexico, swimming with the largest fish in the world, the Whale Shark. After snorkeling along side a bus-sized fish you'll visit the San Rafelito sea lion colony and observe sea lions in their natural habitat. The colony is also home to one of the largest patches of coral reef in the Sea of Cortez and is home to many species of fish, marine birds and sea turtles.

Tour details

Before embarking to the islands you will first visit El Mogote, the sandy peninsula famous for it's whale sharks. Here you will swim with the largest fish on earth, reaching lengths of up to 12m/40ft. The whale sharks return to La Paz every year to feed on plankton blooms that occur in the shallow waters of the bay. These blooms attract a large number of whale sharks and it is very common for us to swim with multiple individuals during the tour. The tour includes education about the whale shark and local conservation efforts, your guide will also accompany you into the water and show you the best way to approach and view these magnificent animals. Most of the whale sharks that visit La Paz are young adults and juveniles, reaching lengths of 10m/33ft. Large but completely harmless the whale sharks are an amazing experience for all ages.

After the whale shark portion of the tour you will head out to Balandra Bay, approximately a 45 minute boat ride. On the way there is the chance to see sea turtles, mobula and manta rays, large fish such as marlin and tuna and humpback whales during the whale watching season. Once we reach Playa Balandra you will enjoy a picnic lunch and have time for some relaxation and sun-bathing. After lunch we will head out to the San Rafaelito sea lion colony where you will enter the water with your guide and experience one of the most fun things ever, swimming with sea lions. 

The tour is five hours in duration and includes

  • The meeting time for the tour is 9am. 
  • Wet-suits and snorkeling equipment
  • Lunch (vegetarian/vegan options), juices, snacks and water.
  • In-water guide (Spanish/English)

  $125 per person. Price includes taxes. Group rates are available.