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Scuba Diving in Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo, located off the beaten path and home to a diverse reef ecosystem. Famous for it's schooling jacks, bull shark encounters and healthy populations of reef fish maintained by a small community of tourist operators, local residents and dedicated conservationists.  

Scuba Diving in Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is located on the eastern side of the Baja peninsula, roughly a 2 hour drive from either La Paz or Cabo San Lucas. Cabo Pulmo is a unique dive destination, almost off the grid and home to a successful marine reserve. It's famous for it's schooling jacks and bull shark encounters but is also a seasonal home to juvenile sharks, whale sharks and humpback whales. A broader diversity and healthier populations of reef fish can be found due to an abscence of recreational and commercial fishing in the park. There are about ten dive sites in the park including the El Vencedor wreck. Cabo Pulmo is a managed reserve and has more conservative regulations for diving than other places in Mexico. Group sizes are limited, a maximum 50 minutes of bottom time per dive and dive sites are on a rotation. Simply translated this means great diving but we can't guarantee which dive site you will visit during one of our tours.

If your aim is to dive the school of jacks please contact us and we will do our best to get you out to that dive site. It's best to give yourself a window of opportunity and plan your trip so you can be flexible. The maximum group size is six divers for any scheduled dive trip, this includes the divemaster.

Cabo Pulmo Scuba Diving Trips & Prices

Baja Connections offers single day and multi-day scuba diving adventures in Cabo Pulmo. We work exclusively with a resident PADI Instructor in Cabo Pulmo who provides snorkeling and scuba diving trips in and outside of the park. All scuba diving trips are two-tank dives and include refreshments and snacks. For more information and a personalized quote for a dive trip to Cabo Pulmo please contact us.


  • Bull shark season runs from approximately December to early March, when the waters cool down.
  • The horse eye jacks are schooling during the late summer and through to December.
  • Humpback whales are commonly seen in the fall and winter months.

Cabo Pulmo Scuba Diving Conditions

The Sea of Cortez and the waters in La Paz can vary greatly in temperature, visibility and diving conditions. In general waters are warmest in the summer and fall reaching up to 85 F (30 C). Winter and spring temperatures can drop down to 66 F (19 C), especially in January and February before slowly increasing into the spring and summer. Additionally thermoclines may be present with large drops in temperature compared to the surface. In the winter we recommend a 5mm wetsuit when diving with us, a hood will also go a long way in keeping the body warm while underwater. Typical sea conditions are calm with small waves, exceptions include the seamounts of El Bajo and La Reina. These sites are more exposed to wind and require the proper weather conditions to dive safely. Visibility is varied and is mainly determined by plankton blooms, temperatures and local conditions. Good visibility can be experienced all times of the year but it's best in the summer and fall, reaching 100ft/30m. On some of the more advanced sites currents can be present but in general diving here is good for beginners and advanced divers.